Recommended Gem: Why Boards of Canada’s Music Has the Right to Children Is the Greatest Psychedelic Album of the ’90s by Simon Reynolds for Pitchfork (Writing)


recommended gem of an article.  


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Every so often I’ll get on a huge Boards of Canada kick and invariably cue up Music Has the Right to Children on repeat.  


It is an unusual yet familiar yet challenging yet comforting album that did not and still does not and probably will not ever sound like anything else.  


On one such aforementioned kick, I was searching online for more information about this landmark release and found this fantastic piece of music writing on Music Has the Right to Children by Simon Reynolds for Pitchfork from 2018.  


It’s an evocative, extremely well-informed, and beautifully written article that is the perfect accompaniment to yet another listening session.  


My favorite line: “Music Has the Right, in fact, was like a dream you could turn on at will.”    






Read it here (and listen to Music Has the Right to Children while you do so here).