Diggin’ This: The Lazy Eyes – “Fuzz Jam” (Official Video)


“Fuzz Jam” is, well, indeed a fuzz jam.


Image by Jack Moran



Underpinned by a hypnotic bass hook, “Fuzz Jam” by Australian psyche-rock four-piece The Lazy Eyes, also known as Harvey Geraghty (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Itay Sasha (vocals, guitar), Leon Karagic (bass) and Noah Martin (drums), is a whirling, highly danceable ode to retro-guitar fuzz and sprawling, journeying jams.



Love how it slows down a step for the last 30 seconds.



The Lazy Eyes – “Fuzz Jam” (Official Video)









“Fuzz Jam” is taken from The Lazy Eyes‘ forthcoming new album, Songbook.






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