Diggin’ This: Mr Jukes & Barney Artist – “Vibrate” (Locket Records) (Official Video)


We let it vibrate.


Barney Artist & Mr Jukes by Josh Shinner



Barney Artist has linked up with Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman for “Vibrate,” a mellow and horn-drenched jazzy UK hip-hop cut.



Watch the brilliant video below where Barney and Jukes ride the rides in an empty UK amusement park in order for Barney to conquer his phobia of rollercoasters.



Mr Jukes & Barney Artist – “Vibrate” (Official Video)







“Vibrate” is taken from Mr Jukes & Barney Artist‘s forthcoming collaborative album, The Locket, out July 2 via their own label Locket Records.





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