Videos I’m Diggin’: Watch My Top 5 Live Music Moments


On this New Year’s Day, and indeed every New Year’s Day, I am reminded of one of my very favorite clips on YouTube which takes place on New Year’s Day.




(I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched it all the way through since I just keep rewinding it to that moment.)



Such is my enjoyment of the above that I thought I would compile a list of my all-time top five videos of live music moments that make me exceedingly happy.



I hope they make you exceedingly happy, too.




5. Soil & “Pimp” Sessions live on Jools Holland, 2007




Unmatched intensity from my favorite Japanese jazz outfit setting fire to the air with “A.I.E.”



(Read my original post from 2011 on this video here.)





4. Jamie Woon sings acapella from a wooden canoe in the middle of a flooded rainforest in Cambodia, 2011




Incredible. Need to open my next DJ set with this.



(Read my original post from 2011 on this video here.)





3. Beastie Boys Live in Glasgow, Scotland, 1999




WHAT a start to a show.





2. Sherelle’s Boiler Room, London, 2019




Scroll to 23:14 to witness the sheer euphoria that is unleashed when Sherelle drops the Fixate remix of Double 99’s “RIP Groove.”





1. Todd Edwards’ first ever UK show in Romford, UK, 2003















What’s your favorite live music moment?