Diggin’ This: August Landelius – “All You Can Eat” (NAIV Recordings)


That Scandinavian electronic soul.


Image by Desiré van den Berg/Mystic Sons



After a three year hiatus, Swedish producer August Landelius emerges from his home studio with the 3am future R&B cut “All You Can Eat,” an understated, late night mood movement, the best parts of which are those bionic whale sound swerves, those synth tingles, those gentle ride cymbals, and that aquatic bonus beat tacked on at the end.



Track of the day.



August Landelius – “All You Can Eat”






“All You Can Eat” is out now via Malmö’s Naiv Recordings. Add it to your Spotify playlists here while you wait for his new album to drop later this year.