Diggin’ This: The Zephyr Bones – “Telephone” (La Castanya Records) (Official Video)


Chileans Brian Silva and Jossip Tkalcic came all the way to Barcelona to meet Carlos Ramos and Marc López and form the Zephyr Bones, a band who specialize in crafting exquisite and lazy psychedelic dream-pop.


Image via facebook.com/lacastanya



“Telephone” is one such casually drifting excursion that floats atop a careful lattice of guitar fuzz, crisp cymbals, and sinewy bass.



Track of the day.



Watch the video below, directed by Roger Guàrdia.



The Zephyr Bones – “Telephone” (Official Video)







“Telephone” is taken from the Zephyr Bones debut album, Secret Place, out now via La Castanya Records.