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Diggin’ This: Odina – “Heartache” (Official Video)

  Catalan country.       Taking cues from Bjork’s rarefied vocal performances and fellow Barcelonan Rosalia’s artistic aesthetic leanings, rising star Odina delivers a compelling, confident musical vision.        … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: The Zephyr Bones – “Telephone” (La Castanya Records) (Official Video)

  Chileans Brian Silva and Jossip Tkalcic came all the way to Barcelona to meet Carlos Ramos and Marc López and form the Zephyr Bones, a band who specialize in crafting exquisite and lazy psychedelic… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Thalab – “Good Swim” (Juicebox Recordings)

  Barcelona-born duo Thalab wrote and recorded the casually excellent “Good Swim” in a room in London.       The swimmingly good song features blurred synths, a textured and trebled electric bass, an… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Sau Poler – “Juun” (Official Video)

  Barcelona, Spain producer Sau Poler creates dreamy, uptempo beats fused with otherworldly soul vocal blips and clips.       Sau Poler – “Juun” (Official Video)           “Juun”… Continue reading

Cineplexx – “Te Quiero” (Official Video)

  Argentina-born, London-based musician Sebastian Litmanovich is Cineplexx.       Sounding like Manu Chao if he lived in Ibiza, “Te Quiero” is a multicolored, multilingual, tropical and subtle indie-disco groove.     Cineplexx… Continue reading

Kilian Martin Skateboarding in Barcelona (Soundtrack: Tranqill – ‘Payroll’ [Paul White’s Clean Dub])

Man alive, Kilian Martin is good at skateboarding! Some proper Bruce Lee moves here.