Diggin’ This: Jadu Heart – “There Is No Door” (VLF Records)


I’ve been a fan of Dina and Faro, also known as Diva-Sachy Jeffrey and Alex Headford, for nigh on nine-ish years now, ever since I first heard “Late Night” back in 2016.


Image via twitter.com/JaduHeart



The now maskless London-and-Huddersfield-via-Planet Koshui duo have just released their excellent third studio album, Derealised, which is currently my favorite album of 2023 so far. 



Combining hazy dream-pop and gauzy psychedelic indie textures, the single “I Shimmer” was released late last year and ended up at number 47 on my Top 100 Tracks of 2022 (check out the full list here).



If we’re talking non-singles/album cuts, though, then “There Is No Door” is the one for me.



It’s so good.



Jadu Heart – “There Is No Door”






Derealised is out now via VLF Records.





Listen to the album here.





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