Diggin’ This: Weval ft Eefje de Visser – “Never Stay For Love” (Technicolour)


Love these scattered drums.


Image via weval.bandcamp.com



Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers are Weval.



“Never Stay For Love” sees the Amsterdam-based duo teaming up with Dutch singer Eefje de Visser to create a textured electronic soul echo.



Says Weval of the collaboration which originally took place in 2020 during a weekend away with other artists,



“We didn’t know Eefje very well on a personal level but we took the plunge and asked her to sing on a demo of ours.



It was the very first thing she sang that blew us away.



The funny thing was it didn’t really connect with the demo, so we took her vocal and made a completely new idea with it.



The combination of that beat plus her voice reminded us a bit of that late 90’s trip hop/electronica era which always got us hyped… we’re really proud of the end result.”



Weval ft Eefje de Visser – “Never Stay For Love”






“Never Stay For Love” is out now via the Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour.





Get it here.





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