Diggin’ This: boerd ft Venus Anon – “Tomorrow” (Blunda Records)


A song about saying weird stuff in your sleep.


Image via boerd.bandcamp.com



Sweden’s Bård Ericson aka boerd has teamed up with fellow Swedish musician Venus Anon for his new single. They met at a concert in the summer of 2021 where Venus was a backing vocalist and Bård was playing double bass (he is also a bassist in the Royal Swedish Opera) for the Swedish artist Daniela Rathana. 



“Tomorrow” is a chilled R&B moment of calm with glistening piano keys and restless bass tones that meander through Venus Anon’s poignant vocals.



boerd ft Venus Anon – “Tomorrow”






“Tomorrow” is taken from boerd‘s new album, Caution: Fragile, released in September.





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