Diggin’ This: Mejiwahn ft LIV​.​E – “Heart String Special”


Three songs in one.


Image via o-liv.bandcamp.com



Image via mejiwahn.bandcamp.com



Written by Dallas, Texas artist LIV.E (pictured above) and produced by Oakland-via-Minneapolis producer Mejiwahn (huge thanks to fellow Oaklanders Brijean and Dougie Stu for putting me on to Mejiwahn during our chat on the Backstage with Dan Digs podcast), “Heart String Special” is a rich and textured multi-faceted fusion of songs-within-songs complete with strings, flutes, birdsong, and warm vinyl crackle. 



Mejiwahn ft LIV​.​E – “Heart String Special”





“Heart String Special” is taken from Mejiwahn‘s new album, Beanna, released later this year.





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