Diggin’ This: Orions Belte & Chris Holm – “Calm Like the Weather” (Jansen Records)


Uptempo, breezy, California-esque chamber pop from Norway.


Image via orionsbelte.bandcamp.com



Earlier this year I wrote about “Dearest, a favorite song of mine from the group Orions Belte who make “instrumental music with vocals.” It appears on their very excellent album, Villa Amorini.



Now the Norwegian trio have returned with a new conceptual project in which all band members take turns to write an album’s worth of songs.



First up is bass player Chris Holm. You can hear my favorite song “Calm Like the Weather” taken from his album below.



Orions Belte & Chris Holm – “Calm Like the Weather”






Chris Holm is out now, followed by guitarist Øyvind Blomstrøm‘s album, which will be released on April 9.





Get Chris Holm here.





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