Diggin’ This: Orions Belte – “Dearest”


Adding this to my “favorite songs that start with a vibraphone” playlist.


Image via orionsbelte.bandcamp.com



Orions Belte is a trio from Norway that make “instrumental music with vocals.”



As their Bandcamp page puts it:


“But it’s vocals? Yes. But not really. So it’s not instrumental music then? Yes. It’s breezy, but sometimes louder. You know, a small unit of people making the music they love the most. Check it out.”



“Dearest” is one of my favorite songs from their new album. It’s an easygoing psyche-indie breath of fresh mountain air.



Orions Belte – “Dearest”





“Dearest” is taken from Villa Amorini, the new album from Orions Belte, out now.





Get it here and listen to more of my favorite music from Norway here.