Diggin’ This: The Antlers – “Losing Light” (ANTI- Records)


Light lost and found.


Image via theantlers.bandcamp.com



New York duo The Antlers, otherwise known as Peter Silberman and Michael Lerner, released Green to Gold earlier this year, their first album in seven years.


Their new EP, Losing Light, reimagines four songs from Green to Gold.


The title track “Losing Light” is my favorite, an autumnal acoustic reworking of “Solstice” imbued with equal parts warmth and frost.


As Peter puts it, “How would these songs sound if they were being reconstituted from memory fifty years from now, after decades of technological evolution, alongside analog and digital degradation?


I began to consider how we reconstruct the past once we’re many years removed from it, with only scattered, decaying artifacts to reference.”



The Antlers – “Losing Light”








“Losing Light” is taken from the duo’s new EP of the same name out now via Anti- Records.






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