Diggin’ This: Marcus Harvey – “You Wouldn’t Understand” (Produced by Fiji Mageba) (Paradise Sound System)


Beautiful sounds from South Africa.


Image via Paradise Sound System



Vocalist, rapper, producer, and songwriter Harvey Lawrence Ofentse Mashiloane, otherwise known as Marcus Harvey, got his musical start in the township of Alexandra, just outside of Johannesburg, at his mother’s shebeen (an informal licensed drinking place).



Customers would play their favorite songs on the shebeen jukebox and Marcus would sing along while he helped his mother sell beer.



After years of using FruityLoops to produce beats with his friends, Harvey gained local attention in the township and and began attending open mic events.



“You Wouldn’t Understand” is his latest work, a piano-led, futuristic R&B cut that buoys Harvey’s glistening falsetto.



Marcus Harvey – “You Wouldn’t Understand”







“You Wouldn’t Understand” is taken from Marcus Harvey‘s forthcoming new EP, I Am Marcus Harvey, You Still Don’t Know Me, out this Friday, October 15.







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