Diggin’ This: Joy Orbison ft Léa Sen – “Better” (Hinge Finger/XL Recordings)


I remember talking with Machinedrum on Dublab radio a while back about the transcendent power over dancefloors worldwide of Joy Orbison‘s early breakout hit, “Hyph Mngo.”


Image via facebook.com/JoyOrbisonLDN



If you’ve heard it, even once, you’ll know.



The London producer and Hinge Finger label head‘s new track, “Better,” doesn’t have a stop-you-in-your-tracks wall-of-synth moment like “Hyph Mngo,” but it does have plenty of headphones-on-the-bus moments, namely that rain-soaked beat, those fidgety electronics, and that coolly delivered vocal performance from Léa Sen.



Joy Orbison ft Léa Sen – “Better”







“Better” is taken from Joy Orbison‘s new album, still slipping vol. 1, out now via Hinge Finger/XL Recordings.







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