Diggin’ This: The Seshen – “Dive” (Salami Rose Joe Louis Remix) (Tru Thoughts)


Salami Rose Joe Louis turns in an ethereal, choral, and downright delightful rework of The Seshen’s “Dive” that gently grooves with an uptempo dub-influenced beat and lightly fizzes with digitized storms from distant stars.


Image of The Seshen’s Lalin St Juste via Tru Thoughts



Says Salami, “Working on this remix was such a joy, I fell in love with the Seshen years ago and it was an honor to get to work with their music.”



The Seshen – “Dive” (Salami Rose Joe Louis Remix)





The Salami Rose Joe Louis remix of “Dive” is taken from CYAN Remixes out now via Tru Thoughts.





Get it here and get the original CYAN album released by The Seshen last year here.





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