Diggin’ This: Miryam Solomon – “Pushing the Tide” (Albert’s Favourites)


Rhythmic percussion interlaced with rich layered vocals from the London-via-Sweden-via-Eritrea artist.


Image via miryamsolomonmusic.bandcamp.com



Says Solomon, Pushing the tide is a jigsaw of small things that have stayed with me, like the Guayla rhythm we danced to at weddings, or a fiddly phrase that I keep coming back to. I think of it, and the process of making it, as a series of parts that have come together to create a new story. I like how it sits in my body when I sing, the repetition and movement feels like a wave.”



Miryam Solomon – “Pushing the Tide”





“Pushing the Tide” is out now via Albert’s Favourites.





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