Diggin’ This: Mocky – “Bora!”


“Bora!” is an intentionally loose and spacious orchestral jam that brims with vivacity and groove and a palpable sense of the joy that comes with making music.


Image via facebook.com/mockyrecordings


And just look at this outstanding line-up!


Randal Fisher / Flute
Vicky Farewell / Piano, Vocals
Harry Foster / Bass, Vibraphone, Tubular Bells, Vocals
Joey Dosik / Organ and Glockenspiel, Vocals
Guilermo E. Brown aka Pw / Percussion, Vocals
Jhan Lee Aponte (TossTones) / Percussion, Vocals, Timpani,
Paul Cartwright / Violin
Molly Rogers / Viola
Gabe Noel / Cello, Contrabass
Liza Wallace / Harp
Coco O. / Vocals
Mocky / Compositions, Drums, Vocals, Roland Sh-1000

O for the O Choir :
Nia Andrews
Leslie Feist
Moses Sumney
Durand Bernarr
Eddie Chacon



Crew love.



Mocky – “Bora!”






Taken from Mocky’s forthcoming Overtones For The Omniverse album, “Bora!” is out now.






Get it here and listen to “Bora!”Β on my 2021 Essentials playlist here.