Diggin’ This: Tirzah – “Send Me” (Domino)


Tirzah is back!


Image by Leah Walker via tirzah.bandcamp.com



Teaming up with Mica Levi and Coby Sey for her brand new single, the London artist’s “Send Me” is a slow and stripped-down guitar-led sonic hypnotism that sounds like staring into a candle.



It’s ALL about those overdriven guitars that crash the meditation at 3min 35sec that I sincerely hope are a foreshadowing of Tirzah going full shoegaze on her next single.



Tirzah – “Send Me”





“Send Me” is out now via Domino.




Get it here.




Listen to more of my favorite songs from Tirzah here, including “Gladly,” which was my number 1 song of 2018, here.