Diggin’ This: Somni ft Duren – “Always” (Friends of Friends) (Official Video)


Woozy, off-kilter, and birdsong-rich.


Image via somnibeats.bandcamp.com



“Always,” the brand new track from LA-via-UK musician Somni, sounds glorious.



Somni ft Duren – “Always” (Video by Mitch Pond)






“Always” is the first single to be taken from the Up Too Early Volume 2 compilation curated by Somni and features Shrimpnose, Joe Nora, Powermitts, Harris Cole, Omari Jazz, Soosh, and S.Maharba. It’s out March 12 via Friends of Friends. Pre-order it here.





Somni’s Home was number 11 in my Top 30 Albums of 2020. Check out the full list here