Recommended Gem: Bedroom Beats & B-Sides by Laurent Fintoni (Book)


recommended gem of a book.


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Laurent Fintoni recently authored Bedroom Beats & B-Sides: an essential history of the bedroom producers who changed the instrumental hip-hop and electronic music scenes forever.



While the moves of the mainstream stars of the hip-hop and electronic genres have been exhaustively documented, here Fintoni chooses to examine the “B-Side Stories” of how a sprawling group of underground mainstays who, with minimal equipment and maximal imagination, shaped the evolution of an entire musical movement that spanned the globe, which, incidentally, is one of my top eighteen things to talk about. 



Best of all, each chapter and section is headed with a pivotal track title relevant to the text, which plays as a sort of mixtape-in-literary-form as you read. It also had me happily cueing up one of my favorite albums of all time for the umpteenth time: the Mo’ Wax beat compilation Headz






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