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Recommended Gem: Believe In Magic. Heavenly Recordings, The First Thirty Years by Robin Turner (Book)

  A recommended gem of a book.         The best part of diving into this chronicle of music history from one of the best, most eclectic, most trusted, and most enjoyable… Continue reading

Recommended Gem: Annie Nightingale – Hey Hi Hello (Book)

  A recommended gem of a book.                   Favorite line: “Broadcasting was to me then, and still is, as simple as making a phone call.”  … Continue reading

Recommended Gem: Bedroom Beats & B-Sides by Laurent Fintoni (Book)

  A recommended gem of a book.       Laurent Fintoni recently authored Bedroom Beats & B-Sides: an essential history of the bedroom producers who changed the instrumental hip-hop and electronic music scenes forever.  … Continue reading

Austrian Photographer Josef Hoflehner’s “Jet Airliner” – Black & White Photographs of Airplanes Zooming Inches Over the Beaches of the West Indies

The arresting monochrome and stark surreality and juxtaposition of heavy, sleek, man-made, polished, winged titanic tubes of steel screaming fury only a few feet above the warm, carefree, untroubled, neo-Edenesque sands of St.… Continue reading