Diggin’ This: Jadu Heart – “Suddenly I Know Who You Are”


Extremely heartened to hear this new batch of songs from one of the best duos in experimental indie-pop-soul.


Image via facebook.com/jaduheart



Now based in Bristol (and no longer wearing facial coverings that resemble woodland creatures), Jadu Heart‘s Alex Headford and Diva Jeffrey have returned with four new tracks from their forthcoming second album, Hyper Romance, my favorite of which is “Suddenly I Know Who You Are,” a distorted psyche-rock, shoegaze-hop stomper with steady acoustic chord strumming, a fiery guitar line from Alex, and airy MBV-esque vocals from Diva.



Track of the day.



Jadu Heart – “Suddenly I Know Who You Are”





Hyper Romance is out September 25. Pre-order it at jaduheart.com and check out the full tracklist below.




1. Another Life
2. Dead, Again
3. Walk The Line
4. Woman
5. Day By Day
6. Metal Violets
7. Suddenly I Know Who You Are
8. Caroline
9. Burning Hour
10. Hyper Romance
11. Pink & Blue




Listen to more from Jadu Heart as previously featured on DanDigs.com here, especially their 2018 track “Late Night” here and “Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea” (which was number 100 in my Top 100 Tracks of 2017) here.