Diggin’ This: 幾何学模様 (Kikagaku Moyo) – “Mushi No Uta” (Sub Pop Records)




Image via kikagakumoyoggb.bandcamp.com



I’ve never felt so chilled. 



“Mushi No Uta,” (“A Bug’s Song,” if you will), the latest from Tokyo psychedelic rock band Kikagaku Moyo (“Geometric Patterns” in Japanese) is a delicate, acoustic guitar-led choral meditation which abruptly rumbles into a storm of overdriven guitar at 1min 23sec but then happily returns to said acoustic guitar-led choral meditation at 2min 12sec. 



Once again, I’ve never felt so chilled. 



Track of the day.



幾何学模様 (Kikagaku Moyo) – “Mushi No Uta”





“Mushi No Uta” is out now via Sub Pop and also features on my 2020 Essentials playlist on Apple Music. Get the track here alongside the band’s beautiful take on the traditional folk song “Gypsy Davey.”