Diggin’ This: Coco – “Empty Beach”


Mysteriously mysterious.


Image via Coco Time Music



Not a lot is known about Coco, an unknown group from an unknown locale making very beautiful music.



To date, they’ve only released “Empty Beach,” a calming, unhurried, and spare indie-folk number led by delicate organ keys, weightless vocals, and the gentlest of drums that sounds not unlike Weyes Blood meeting Rhye in a far-flung field under a midnight starry sky, 



Coco have stealthily kept their identities under wraps, however after doing some cursory research, this project might be the work of Brooklyn’s Uni Ika Ai (Japanese for “Sea Urchin Squid Love”) otherwise known as Maia Freidman with support from Domino. Yes? Possibly? Does anyone have any further intel?



Track of the day.



Coco – “Empty Beach”






“Empty Beach” is out now. Get it here on Apple Music. Here’s hoping we hear more.





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