Diggin’ This: Melo-Zed ft James Walker – “Savanah” (HW&W Recordings)


Woozy, still.


Image via melo-zed.bandcamp.com



“Savanah” is currently my favorite song from London’s Zach Cayenne-Elliott, otherwise known as Melo-Zed. Enlisting the musical assistance of James Walker, it’s a woozy number with gently stumbling drums that creates a frank and oceanic experiment in slo-mo synth-funk and R&B with guitar lines that transition from clean chords to distressed sizzling in the space of the same bar.



Image via melo-zed.bandcamp.com



Track of the day.



Melo-Zed ft James Walker – “Savanah”





“Savanah” is taken from Melo-Zed‘s new album, Zachary, out now via HW&W. Get it here. and listen to more sounds from Melo-Zed over at his SoundCloud page here.