Diggin’ This: Tomas Barfod – “Better Than I Would” (rAHHH Remix) (Friends of Friends)


Having been an advocate of the musical output of both Copenhagen’s Tomas Barfod and London’s rAHHH for quite some time now, I am therefore reasonably and understandably overjoyed to hear their talents collide on this jaunty and cheerfully experimental rework of “Better Than I Would.”


rAHHH // Image via facebook.com/rAHHHHHHHHHHHHH



Shakers and more shakers, clean guitar pickings, cleaner piano treadings, and the looped sung vocal line of the track’s title all weave in and out of each other before a sharp whistle at 1min 34min signals that it’s time for the party to pick up and the song joyfully careens across the musical map fueled by a funk bass guitar run and brighter-than-the-sun synth keys.



Tomas Barfod // Image via tomasbarfod.bandcamp.com



Track of the day.



Tomas Barfod – “Better Than I Would” (rAHHH Remix)






Barfod‘s Paloma Remixes is out now via the perpetually excellent LA label Friends of Friends.





Get it here, listen to the original release Paloma here, hear more from rAHHH here, and listen to more from Tomas Barfod as previously featured on DanDigs.com here.