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Diggin’ This: Tomas Barfod – “Better Than I Would” (rAHHH Remix) (Friends of Friends)

  Having been an advocate of the musical output of both Copenhagen’s Tomas Barfod and London’s rAHHH for quite some time now, I am therefore reasonably and understandably overjoyed to hear their talents collide… Continue reading

Tomas Barfod ft Nina Kinert – “November Skies” (Sepalcure Remix)

Tomas Barfod (who for some reason I always want to call “Thomas Bar Food”) is the drummer for Danish electro-poppers WhoMadeWho. Featuring Swedish vocalist Nina Kinert, the original version of “November Skies” is… Continue reading

MØ – “Pilgrim” (Official Video)

Copenhagen, Denmark’s Karen Marie Ørsted is MØ. The tried-and-tested pop sound staple that is the handclap cleverly and effortlessly forms the backbone and steady propulsion of “Pilgrim.”   MØ – “Pilgrim” (Official Video)… Continue reading

Quadron – “Day” (Official Video)

To me, Quadron’s band name will always sound like a black metal outfit formed by Harvard mathematicians. Who knew they would actually turn out to be an easily-lovable Danish duo fully capable of… Continue reading

Boom Clap Bachelors – ‘Falder Ind Og Falder Ud’, ‘Combiner’, and ‘Tiden Flyver (Live Acoustic Version)’

From Copenhagen, Denmark. Boom Clap Bachelors are a collective of musicians that include producer Ronni Vindahl, singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and producer Robin Hannibal (the last two also do their own thing… Continue reading