Diggin’ This: Luke Vibert – “Bizarster” (Official Video)


Equal parts the cut-and-pasted-overwrought-movie-dialogue aesthetic of The Avalanches circa 2000, the jovial spirit of big beat in 1997, and the beeps and bleeps of a digitally-saturated 2015, the title track of Luke Vibert‘s latest album, “Bizarster,” is a delightful, messy matrix of sounds past and present, all underpinned by Lou Donaldson’s ever-reliable “Ode to Billie Joe” drum break.





Director Graham Smith describes the “Bizarster” video below:


Manhattan to JFK. Taxi ride turned deep space vortex. We trip and turn then turn and trip through the fabric of time travel. 3D video vision forming patterns and loops altered, jolted, and guided by the awesome eclectic overload of this amazing track. Take a trip!!!


Track of the day.


Luke Vibert – “Bizarster” (Official Video)





Luke Vibert’s Bizarster is out now on Planet Mu.