Diggin’ This: Newbody – “Telephone”


All hail the incoming—and long overdue!—two-step revival!





Newbody Records is a brand new, Los Angeles-based urban dance label that focuses on soulful house music and two-step garage.


The label’s head honcho and producer Jonathan Roshad and vocalist Roberto Ramone make up the duo Newbody.


“Telephone” is an expertly crafted slice of classic UK garage, complete with zig-zagging horns, a spotless and pristine beat, funky wah-wah synth stabs, and some glorious, glorious vocal time-stretching!


(Props to Todd Edwards for switching me on to this goodness via one of his recent tweets.)


Track of the day.


Newbody – “Telephone”






“Telephone” is released today on Newbody Records.





(I am now going to HAVE to do a special two-step garage edition of the #DanDigsShow in the very near future!)