Real Lies – “North Circular” (Official Video)


“All I can say is that I know where I belong…”


So the obvious comparison here is the Streets’ “Weak Become Heroes,” minus Mike Skinner’s chirpy Brum brogue of course, and while the strings and warm house beat certainly evoke a similarity, “North Circular” by London’s Real Lies is so much more than that.



This isn’t a wry observation of UK club culture, at least not overtly, but instead an expertly captured series of 3am moments on the roads of the English capital’s large intestine via pure, very pure, poetry.





Real Lies – “North Circular”




Hear more from Real Lies over at their Soundcloud page here.




Oh and if you’re in the UK, Real Lies keep giving out this mobile phone number, 07989746710, on all of their social network bios. No idea where it leads.