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Diggin’ This: TRUCE – “Head Hung”

  Mysterious UK musical duo TRUCE are back with their second single, “Head Hung,” a boisterously bassy and succulently synthy affair.       Track of the day.   TRUCE – “Head Hung”… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Fono – “Real Joy”

  Absolutely massive.   Fired this one through the Dash Radio studio speakers as if they were jet engines on Sunday night with this one from Brighton, UK DJ and producer Fono as my… Continue reading

Banoffee – “Got It”

  Melbourne, Australia’s Martha Brown is Banoffee, a singer-songwriter with a taste for sweet retro synths and experimental, honeyed R&B.       Banoffee – “Got It”         With a track this good… Continue reading

Hawklion – “Africa” (Official Video & Free Download)

  In addition to sounding like the most awesome animal ever or a fighter pilot had Tim and Eric directed Top Gun, the superbly-monikered Dublin trio Hawklion make wonderful falsetto indie synth ‘n’… Continue reading

Goldbloc – “Black Gold” (Free Download)

  Boston producer Goldenhaus and vocalist Solei are Goldbloc.     Those bass murmurs, that before-sunrise beat, those vocal cut-ups that resemble hearing a Todd Edwards track in slow motion.         Goldbloc… Continue reading

Point Point – “Life in Grey” (Free Download)

  Madness!   Had to give this a few spins to really understand what’s going on here, then realized after a few spins that it’s actually impossible to understand what’s going on here,… Continue reading

Magical Mistakes – “Laid Out” (Free Download)

On “Laid Out,” California native and Osaka, Japan-residing producer Erik Luebs bka Magical Mistakes infuses an assortment of Brainfeeder-ish, gritty, heated synths with an array of mystical chimes, bells, cuts, scrapes, swishes, and crackle… Continue reading

Kwabs – “Wrong or Right” (Official Video)

While I’ve written about the versatile vocal talent of Kwabs before, and while his name may remind you of Tweety Bird announcing his favorite seafood in plural form, London’s Kwabena Adjepong’s latest release deserves… Continue reading

Why Goldie’s Timeless is the Perfect Winter Album

It is fast becoming a yearly ritual of mine to listen to Goldie‘s Timeless album in full, straight through, every winter, because it is the perfect winter album.     Cueing up the… Continue reading

Diggs Duke – “Harsh Words with the Oracle”

One of my favorite soul and jazz musicians, Washington D.C.’s Diggs Duke returns with a brand new album. “Harsh Words with the Oracle” is the first track on his Offering for Anxious LP. Diggs… Continue reading

Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk are 7 Days of Funk – “Faden Away”

Now here is a dream pairing. Doggfather Snoop teams up with boogie-funk godfather Dam-Funk to go “Snoopy Collins” (scroll to 3min 24sec) on this thick slab of G-Funk that’s so straight West Coastin’… Continue reading

John Wizards – “Lusaka By Night” (Official Video)

25-year-old, Cape Town, South Africa musician, producer, and ad jingle writer John Withers is the brainchild behind John Wizards. Featuring Rwandan singer Emmanuel Nzaramba, his recently released self-titled debut album draws from Ghanaian highlife,… Continue reading

Kavinsky ft The Weeknd – “Odd Look”

Abel Tesfaye bka The Weeknd sounding more like MJ than ever when paired with the nocturnal synths and 80s drum pads of French producer and “that guy from the Drive soundtrack” Kavinsky.  … Continue reading

Computer Jay ft Orfeo – “Hardships” (Official Video)

Mournful, synth-strong, cosmic soul from LA’s Computer Jay.   Computer Jay ft Orfeo – “Hardships” (Official Video)   “Hardships” is the first single from Computer Jay’s Savage Planet Vol. 2.    

L-Vis 1990 – “Signal”

  Raw, retro, reductionist, Juno-heavy newness from the Night Slugs label co-boss.       L-Vis 1990 – “Signal”         Catch more bass shake, rattle, and roll from L-Vis 1990… Continue reading

Enjoyed – “Teeth” (Clip) (Live Video) (Free Download)

We’ve talked about Enjoyed‘s life-affirmed, sunshined housed beats on Neoned Milked befored, but that only means you should get even more acquainted with the talented UK producer and Shoes Off label boss by… Continue reading

Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass (Video)

This is warmth. So many wires for that analog sound that purrs like a cat with a sunset in its belly. Says K X, “This is my imagining of what circa ’98-era minimal… Continue reading

Joker ft Buggsy & Otis Brown – “Lost” (Official Video)

Big look for Joker on this one.   Pathos is as heavy here as his signature synths.  

Ethiopian 80s Synth-Pop by Tigist Mekonnen – “Atselechegnim” (Video)

Featuring the fantastic “habesha” artist Nini. I love everything about this. Ethiopian synth-pop is HEAVY! Next flight to Addis, please.

Hourglass Sea – ‘Another World’ (MP3)

Meet Dean Bentley aka Hourglass Sea: Bradford, England’s chief exporter of the finest fast-forward-to-the-future beat wizardry and synth melodies so polished you’d think he’d finished them off with an industrial buffer. Have a… Continue reading

Fenech-Soler – ‘Stop and Stare’ (Official Video)

If Passion Pit were from England, listened to nothing but late 90s trance, wore sequined t-shirts, sped up their bpm’s a lil bit, and didn’t whine so much about being a ‘sleepyhead’, they… Continue reading