Korean Garage Rock with Galaxy Express – ‘Jungle the Black’ (Official Video)

Fresh from tearing SXSW to shreds (and then shredding the shreds) back in March, the Korean garage rockers Galaxy Express mean business with their riotous and hyper-energetic track ‘Jungle the Black’.

On hearing this for the first time, at 0:20 I was bracing myself for an incredibly cheesy, axe-wielding metal guitar solo rendition of Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor’ (universally known as ‘the creepy Dracula theme’), but no! Instead we get no-holds-barred, smash-up-the-noraebang moshin’ with 1960s sci-fi aliens, sunglasses, biker jackets, smeared guyliner, and plenty of leaping around and snarling.

This honestly looks like the best gig ever.