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Phantogram – “Fall in Love” (Jaded Incorporated Remix) (Free Download)

  Michigan natives Mayer Hawthorne and 14KT recently joined forces to create Jaded Incorporated.     Here they boost and bump Phantogram‘s “Fall in Love,” giving it some shine and speedy shuffle.    … Continue reading

Goldbloc – “Black Gold” (Free Download)

  Boston producer Goldenhaus and vocalist Solei are Goldbloc.     Those bass murmurs, that before-sunrise beat, those vocal cut-ups that resemble hearing a Todd Edwards track in slow motion.         Goldbloc… Continue reading

Pools – “MTV” (Free Download)

  Yes, I’m usually all about the beats and bass and electronic thump, but there’s always time on this here website for some catchy Weezer-ish 90s bedroom slacker rock.       In… Continue reading

Flume x WKND – “Hyper Paradise” (Free Download)

  “Never have to worry… never have to worry… ”   19-year-old Munich producer WKND aka Max Seethaler remixes Aussie electronic music star Flume‘s own remix of Hermitude’s “Hyper Paradise.”       Flume x… Continue reading

Alias ft Therese Workman – “Indiiggo” (Free Download)

  It is a joy to hear the weird and wonderful new sounds that emanate from the Anticon label.   South Portland, Maine artist and Anticon co-founder Brendon Whitney aka Alias‘ new track “Indiggo”… Continue reading

Abhi & Dijon – “Let You Know” (Dpat & Atu Remix) (Free Download)

  Soulection fam Dpat and Atu weave something wonderful on this slowed-down flip of Maryland musicians Abhi and Dijon’s “Let You Know.”       Houston producer Dpat first wowed me with his drum designs… Continue reading

Until The Ribbon Breaks – “A Taste Of Silver” (Free Download)

  Cardiff, Wales singer and producer Pete Lawrie Winfield aka Until The Ribbon Breaks has newness for you.       I first got switched on to UTRB’s (as he was known back in February 2012)… Continue reading

Spooky Black x Bobby Raps x Psymun – “Blind” (Free Download)

  That echo-step soul.   Love this chilled new heat from Minneapolis’ Psymun on the beats, Bobby Raps on the raps, and 16-year-old vocalist Spooky Black on the vox.         Spooky… Continue reading

Point Point – “Life in Grey” (Free Download)

  Madness!   Had to give this a few spins to really understand what’s going on here, then realized after a few spins that it’s actually impossible to understand what’s going on here,… Continue reading

Mo Kolours – “Mo Kolours” (Free Album Download)

I first heard about the Mauritian-English producer Mo Kolours back in 2011 via the eternally entertaining writing talents of Mr Alex Chase and his One Handed Music record label missive. (You really should subscribe… Continue reading

Magical Mistakes – “Laid Out” (Free Download)

On “Laid Out,” California native and Osaka, Japan-residing producer Erik Luebs bka Magical Mistakes infuses an assortment of Brainfeeder-ish, gritty, heated synths with an array of mystical chimes, bells, cuts, scrapes, swishes, and crackle… Continue reading

Low Leaf & King Britt – “A Light Within” (Free Download)

Los Angeles Filipino-American singer and harpist Low Leaf recently partnered with the legendary King Britt to create this wispy, digitally dusty beat jam. “A Light Within” is an outtake from King Britt’s forthcoming… Continue reading

Music by Dan Digs: “Benign Turbine”

  Happy 2014!   This is a beat jam I rustled up a few hours ago, inspired by this mesmerizing audio I found on YouTube.       Dan Digs – “Benign Turbine”… Continue reading

Caveman – “In the City” (Vacationer Remix) (Free Download)

Warm vinyl crackle, staggered handclaps, breezy guitar, easy organ chords lapping at your feet, and some beautiful post-tropical percussion all feature on Vacationer‘s remix of “In the City” by New York City band Caveman.… Continue reading

Tev’n – “Rose Petal” (Free Download)

North London’s Tev’n Kennedy wafts waves of 21st century R&B vocal echoes and skittery beat twitchery at you.   Tev’n – “Rose Petal” (Free Download)       Download “Rose Petal” for free… Continue reading

Marian Hill – “Lovit” (Official Video) (Free Download)

Sparse soul from Philly electronic duo Marian Hill, reduced to its most essential elements: a bubbling, breathless horn and fingersnaps precisely on beat from a thousand bionic lobsters. Love it.   Marian Hill… Continue reading

Audego – “Fight” (Free Download)

In preparation for my podcast, I usually shuffle a load of potential song candidates on my car stereo to see which ingredients are truly fit for the gourmet audio soup that is the… Continue reading

Mick Jenkins – “The Roots” (Official Video) (Free Download)

Alabama-born, West Chicago MC Mick Jenkins‘ laid-back yet perfectly controlled flow possesses an eery similarity to Ghostpoet‘s 3am drawl.   Mick Jenkins – “The Roots” (Official Video)       Download Mick Jenkins’ Trees &… Continue reading

Listen/Download the Latest Episode of the Dan Digs Podcast: 120 Minutes of Beats, Bass, Hip-hop, & Electronic Soul. Sun, Oct 27, 2013.

  Another brand new installment of the Dan Digs radio show is now live!   Two hours of beats, bass, hip-hop, and electronic soul-house-jazz music, plus some Icelandic and Peruvian folk gem surprises.… Continue reading

Botany – “Quatic” (Free Download)

Spencer Stephenson is Botany. Hailing from Texas, he blends synth washes with a collage of blurred bleeps, overcooked chimes, and ominous bells, all woven through a pleasing boom-bap beat. “I tried to evoke… Continue reading

FaltyDL aka Donna Chambray Loren – 20K Solid Gold EP

FaltyDL‘s drums are always programmed with precision. New York producer Drew Lustman bka FaltyDL takes on the high society, high falutin’ moniker of Donna Chambray Loren for this free 5-track EP giveaway entitled… Continue reading

Listen/Download the Latest Episode of the Dan Digs Podcast: 120 Minutes of Beats, Bass, Hip-hop, & Electronic Soul. Sun, Sep 29, 2013.

  Say hello to a brand new edition of the Dan Digs DJ mix podcast radio show broadcast session!   It’s an eclectic, fast-paced blend of everything I’m digging at the moment in… Continue reading

Flex Cop – “This Is Not Meth” (Breaking Bad Finale Tribute) (Free Download)

If you’re as amped as I am (and the rest of the wider universe) for Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale, you’ll no doubt dig Australian producer Flex Cop‘s flip of San Francisco singer Darondo’s… Continue reading

Frameworks – “Patience” (Free Download)

I was elated this morning when I found a free download of one of the best compilations of 2013 by a country mile. Not a bad start to a Wednesday. The first track,… Continue reading

Phaeleh – “Tokoi” (Official Video)

If you like Bonobo, you should definitely listen to Bristolian beatsmith Phaeleh (pronounced “fella”).   Phaeleh – “Tokoi” (Official Video)       Phaeleh‘s first ever North American tour begins this week. Catch… Continue reading

Fitz Ambro$e & Ohbliv – “FAIFF” (Official Video) & “CANI” (Free Download)

Fitz Ambro$e originates from Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada and currently lives in Tokyo. Here he teams up with Richmond, Virginia’s Ohbliv to produce Zen Vapors: a 14-track musical collage of beats,… Continue reading

Listen/Download the Latest Episode of the Dan Digs Podcast: 120 Minutes of Beats, Bass, Hip-hop, & Electronic Soul. Sun, Aug 25, 2013.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Dan Digs podcast radio show DJ mix! 35 of my favorite tracks of the moment all blended up nice.         Unfortunately this episode… Continue reading

Yasiin Bey fka Mos Def x Preservation – “The REcstatic” Remix Album (Free Download)

Hip-hop producer Preservation worked on the original The Ecstatic LP from Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def. Here he re-jigs the entire album, adding deep-crate-dug record samples from New Orleans swing outfits… Continue reading

Lost Midas ft Taylor O’Donnell – “Love Undone” (Official Video)

My new favorite tune from Lost Midas, the very talented beat producer and songwriter, sporting an impressive mustache and an even more impressive, next-level, Minority Report-filmed-in-Silverlake, hipster edition of Google Glass in the video… Continue reading

Listen/Download the Latest Episode of the Dan Digs Podcast: 120 Minutes of Beats, Bass, Hip-hop, & Electronic Soul. Sun, Jul 28, 2013.

Two hours of my favorite latest and greatest beats, bass, hip-hop, and electronic soul cuts!       Unfortunately this episode is no longer available. Head over to iTunes here to listen to new episodes… Continue reading

Listen/Download the Latest Episode of the Dan Digs Podcast: 120 Minutes of Beats, Bass, Hip-hop, & Electronic Soul. Sun, Jun 30, 2013.

Stoked, hyped, and generally ex-ci-ted for this week’s brand new show!     Hope you’re all doing well. Special shouts going out to anyone tuning in for the first time!      … Continue reading

Barbarossa – “Turbine” (Official Video) (Free Download)

Fresh from supporting José González‘s band Junip in New York last week, East London’s suitably red-bearded James Mathé, otherwise known as Barbarossa, combines a large, simple Black Keys-ish garage rock-soul guitar riff and tussled… Continue reading

88 Classic Tracks from 1977-1997 that Inspired Daft Punk’s Homework (Free Download)

  Dublin, Ireland’s Conor Keeling pays tribute to Daft Punk’s imminent return by compiling a two-hour mix of the French duo’s self-professed “teachers.”       88 Classic Tracks from 1977-1997 that Inspired… Continue reading

Ghost Beach ft Noosa – “Close Enough” (Free Download)

Soaring, euphoric 80s chorus: check. Early Hudson Mohawke shiny beats and sparkling synths: check. Including the words “Beach,” “Skull,” “Crystal,” or “Ghost” in your band name to achieve elite, next-level, ultra-hip status: double… Continue reading

Chris Turner – “LiquidLOVE” (Official Video)

Summer come early.   Chris Turner – “LiquidLOVE”   Download Chris Turner‘s downright stunning soul album, LOVElife is a Challenge, for free here.    

Bonobo – “Cirrus” (Official Video) (Free Download)

Fractal factories of 1950s Americana click and whir in this kaleidoscopic dicing and splicing of Norman Rockwell’s cerebral cortex that sounds light, gentle, and benign, just as the song’s title would suggest. For… Continue reading

Karl Hyde – “Cut Clouds” (Official Video) (Free Download)

Sounds like Underworld‘s Karl Hyde has been listening to way too much Bon Iver. Nary a techno thump is to be found on his debut solo track, “Cut Clouds.”   Karl Hyde –… Continue reading

Portico Quartet ft Cornelia – “Steepless” (Official Video) (Free Download)

Steepless and steel rattle. This song is a collaboration first for Jack Wyllie, Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick and Keir Vine, aka London’s Portico Quartet, here teaming up with Swedish singer Cornelia, and what sounds… Continue reading

Vanilla – “Rashida” (Free Download)

Vanilla is a very talented beatmaker from the UK. I played his track “Morning Sun” from his album Soft Focus a lot last year. “Rashida” is my favorite song from his new(ish) album… Continue reading

Phony Ppl – “Statues” (Official Video) (Free Download)

First-person music videos are usually pretty powerful pieces of art. Without asking permission, both Gomez’s “See the World” and, more controversially, the Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” temporarily reverse the normal artist-fan relationship… Continue reading

Onra & Lexis – “Throw ’Em Up” (Mid 90s R&B Classics Mix) (Free Download)

From Music Is My Sanctuary: This summer, French producer Onra and Lexis, founder of Music Is My Sanctuary, got together in Montreal and recorded a mix inspired by a period that was really… Continue reading

Guerre – “For Qwanisha” (Free Download)

Ambient electronic R&Business from Sydney, Australia that sounds like an album cut from James Blake’s debut.   Guerre – “For Qwanisha” (Free Download)   Download “For Qwanisha” (and the equally mellow, moody excellence… Continue reading

Arima Ederra ft Blu – “Questions” (Produced by Bhonstro) (Free Download)

Questions drop into blues guitar chord puddles amidst gently insistent vintage drums.   Arima Ederra ft Blu – “Questions” (Produced by Bhonstro)  (Free Download)   Download this track for free here.    

Mano D’iShango aka Tysmé – “Future School (Ipòp Elòj)” (Free Download)

Guadeloupe’s Tysmé fuses 90s hip-hop flows in French with the electronics of the early 2010s.   “Future School (Ipòp Elòj)” is produced by Toronto beatmaker Sunclef.   Free download of Tysmé’s latest album… Continue reading

Bennetrhodes – “Share in Love”

Nod your head to Japanese jazzist Kan Sano‘s latest beat project: Bennetrhodes.   Listen to more of Kan Sano’s music (including a free download of his “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” cover) here.  … Continue reading

Warren Xclnce – “Say Goodbye” (Free Download)

Say hello to unsigned London beatmaker Warren Xclnce.   Warren Xclnce – “Say Goodbye” (Free Download)   More Xclnce here.    

Caught in the Middle of a 3-Way Mix: Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Radio Show – August 31, 2012 – Part 1 & 2 – DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot, and DJ Food Mix the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique Album Using the Original Sample Sources (Free Download)

DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot, and DJ Food get it together to mix a very special radio show for Ninja Tune. Taking its name from a track on the Demos & Outtakes compilation, Caught… Continue reading

Onra ft Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids – “Hold Tight” (Free Download)

This snare just made my day. Paris, France’s mighty Onra teams up with Cool Kid Chuck Inglish to release this unreleased demo.     Onra ft Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids –… Continue reading

Enjoyed – “Teeth” (Clip) (Live Video) (Free Download)

We’ve talked about Enjoyed‘s life-affirmed, sunshined housed beats on Neoned Milked befored, but that only means you should get even more acquainted with the talented UK producer and Shoes Off label boss by… Continue reading

Vox Mod – “Embers and Snow” (Free Download)

I am especially enjoying this new release from Seattle’s Vox Mod, he of the mighty experimental space rock trio Lazer Kitty.   Vox Mod – “Embers and Snow”   From his album ABSTRACT.… Continue reading