Mo Kolours – “Mo Kolours” (Free Album Download)

I first heard about the Mauritian-English producer Mo Kolours back in 2011 via the eternally entertaining writing talents of Mr Alex Chase and his One Handed Music record label missive. (You really should subscribe to it.)


Fast-forward to March, 2014 and Mo‘s music returns, kolourful as ever, and generously given away as a free album download.


Playful percussion, sunburnt shakers, hazy tropical tape hiss, dazed drums, woozy rhythms, distant clapping hands, lazy laser beams, in addition to a winsome and childlike approach to songwriting (especially the heartwarming “Little Brown Dog,” which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a song about Mo’s little brown dog, and also my favorite track on the album) are all things to love about this brand new record that sounds like Beck on peyote.




Mo Kolours – “Mo Kolours” (Free Album Download)







Call me impetuous but this is so good that I might just drag and drop this release into my Best Albums of 2014 iTunes folder this very minute.