Recommended Gem: The New York Times Presents The Legacy of J Dilla (Video)


recommended gem of a music documentary.


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It’s kinda weird that one of the best, most well-produced documentaries on the prolific and beloved Detroit beatmaker and hip-hop game-changer isn’t a standalone doc, but quietly sits as “S2 E5” as part of The New York Times Presents series on Hulu.


Nevertheless, it’s a great, inspiring yet heart-breaking film that exudes warmth and humanity, much like Dilla’s productions themselves.


I could watch it again right now.



Watch The New York Times Presents The Legacy of J Dilla on Hulu here.








Check out another recommended gem: Dilla Time, the definitive biography of  James Dewitt Yancey by Dan Charnas, here


(of which Questlove is reportedly working on his own documentary version)




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