Diggin’ This: Kennebec ft Samuel T. Herring – “Leaving The Canyons” (Night Time Stories)


A pastoral, flute-imbued track that features the Future Islands frontman.


Image of Kennebec via kennebec1.bandcamp.com



“Leaving the Canyons” is the latest single from the Portland, Oregon producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Phillips aka Kennebec.



Love the combination of that rimshot beat and that acoustic guitar picking.



On working with Samuel T. Herring, Kennebec says,



“I think our styles just resonated well with one another, and we clicked naturally.



We sent some ideas back and forth remotely and then he flew out to Portland and we recorded all the vocals in three days together. It was so fun and inspiring—and really deepened my appreciation for his craft.



He’s such a nice guy and a total genius. Sam’s lyrics really hit a beautiful balance between that sense of magic and folklore in the natural world that I’m after, while really bringing his own sense of narrative.



He’s really amazing at constructing lyrical concepts in a way that I think compliments my own strengths (and weaknesses).”



Kennebec ft Samuel T. Herring – “Leaving The Canyons”






“Leaving The Canyons” is taken from Kennebec‘s sophomore album, Without Star or Compass, out October 28 via Night Time Stories, the sister label to LateNightTales.





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