Diggin’ This: Thunder Jackson ft Chet Faker – “Take Me Back” (VERO Music)


Piedmont, Oklahoma meets Melbourne, Australia.


Image of Thunder Jackson via facebook.com/thunderjackson



What a collaboration.



“Take Me Back,” the latest song by Thunder Jackson aka Piedmont, Oklahoma musician Kyle Bradley and Melbourne, Australia’s Chet Faker, is an immense and impassioned alt-pop heavyweight fueled by a mammoth chorus hook.



Bradley originally kick-started his music career in Los Angeles by happening to share an Uber ride with Pete Lawrie Winfield, the man behind Until The Ribbon Breaks, a DanDigs.com favorite. From that first meeting, they ended up working together and went on to record Thunder Jackson‘s self-titled debut.



Thunder Jackson ft Chet Faker – “Take Me Back”






“Take Me Back” is out now via VERO Music.





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