Diggin’ This: Kutiman ft Dekel – “Believe In You” (Siyal Music)


I’m getting some worry-free New Zealand soulful dub vibes from this that recall the lilting beats of Fat Freddy’s Drop and the choral haze of Lord Echo.


Image via facebook.com/kutimanart



“Believe In You” is a neo-psychedelic bluesy breeze from Tel Aviv’s Kutiman, otherwise known as Ophir Kutiel, who moved to Tel Aviv to study jazz at the Rimon music school, however it was his job at a convenience store that switched him on to the sounds of Amon Tobin, Parliament, jungle, and trip-hop, which he absorbed as part of his musical education.



After nine years living in a kibbutz in the Negev Desert, Kutiman is now readying his forthcoming new album, Open, set to be released on October 14 via Siyal Music.



Kutiman ft Dekel – “Believe In You”






Pre-order Open here.





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