Diggin’ This: Wallace – “Arcade Queen” (Produced by Turbo Chook of Close Counters)


An ode to ruling the video game arcade back in the day.


Image via facebook.com/wallacenz



I’ve been a fan of Wellington, New Zealand’s Wallace Gollan ever since I first heard “Beauty,” her collaboration with Sampa the Great, in 2015.



Produced by Turbo Chook (one half of Melbourne-via-Hobart production duo Close Counters), her new song “Arcade Queen” is a pixelated future soul-pop tribute to the liminal space of the arcade and soda-fueled youth, complete with signature sound effects from the Capcom canon.



Says Wallace, “Got a little bit nostalgic with this one thinking about 11-year-old me at Time Zone in Wellington drinking Vanilla Coke, playing dance revolution, and checking out boys in their head-to-toe Planet 8 looks.”



(Huge love for that “It’s love, right?” hook on the chorus that instantly wins you over.)



Wallace – “Arcade Queen”






“Arcade Queen” is out now.





Get it here.





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