Diggin’ This: Brijean – “Shy Guy” (Ghostly International)


Delicately deep wallflower house.


Image of Brijean by Maya Fuhr



Much like “Moody,” a fave track of mine by Brijean Murphy and Dougie Stu, new song “Shy Guy” is a low-lit, late night affair with subtle conga drum flourishes and glowing synth tones.



(Love that filtered “I know you feel that, toOoOoOo!” response just before the chorus at 2min 14sec.)



Brijean – “Shy Guy”






“Shy Guy” is taken from Brijean‘s new album, Angelo (named after Brijean Murphy’s 1981 Toyota Celica), out August 5 via Ghostly International.





Get it here.





Brijean‘s previous album, Feelings, featured on my Top 30 Albums of 2021 list.





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