Watch Indigo De Souza in Conversation with Dan Digs for WNXP/NPR Music (Video)


It was a pleasure to chat with the wonderful Indigo De Souza on stage at WNXP Nashville‘s performance space, the Sonic Cathedral. 


Dan Digs & Indigo De Souza via



We talked about the Asheville creative community, how she lives in a church that was built in 1912, her emotional cover of Frank Ocean’s “Ivy,” mosh pits at her live shows, a favorite artist of hers that she wants people to discover, and how she incorporates honesty, catharsis, and life learnings into her songs.




Watch the video of our conversation after Indigo De Souza’s live performance at 9min 48sec here.




Any Shape You Take is Indigo De Souza‘s second album.




Get it here.




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