Diggin’ This: Carmody ft Alfa Mist & Laura Misch – “Memory” (Young Poet Records)


A piano-soaked jazz wandering with delectable drums from South London’s Carmody.


Image of Carmody by Andrew Cotterill



As Carmody puts it, “This song was written with Alfa Mist, we wanted to create a record exploring the concept of ‘memory’ and although it was never released, I recently contacted him and asked if I could use this song for my album.



It is a song about carrying your memories with you and making them a part of your every day, in spite of the people or things you lose along the way.



Laura Misch is playing a beautiful sax line in the chorus, which really brought the piece to life.”



Carmody ft Alfa Mist & Laura Misch – “Memory”






“Memory” is taken from Carmody‘s forthcoming new album, Imperfect Constellations, out July 6 via Young Poet Records.





Imperfect Constellations will be split into four separate releases or “constellations,” with “Memory” being taken from Constellation A, which is out now.





Get it here.





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