Diggin’ This: Marker Starling – “Silk Rock” (Tin Angel Records)


Impossible not to groove to this.


Image via markerstarling.bandcamp.com



Toronto’s Chris A. Cummings is Marker Starling.



His latest single, “Silk Rock,” is a winding and casually circular whirl of retro-indie-boogie, garnished with dollops of Wurlitzer, clavinet, Philicorda organ, and Moog (all played by Starling himself), and threaded with a warm 70s lounge vocal croon. 



What’s more, instead of recording a B-side for the “Silk Rock” single release, Starling enlisted London’s Haha Sounds Collective to re-record the track with none other than Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier on lead vocal duties. The group also added a mood-laden piano riff to their rework that recalls the chords from Roy Ayers’ “We Live in Brooklyn, Baby.” Listen to Haha Sounds’ very excellent reversion here.



Marker Starling – “Silk Rock”






Marker Starling‘s ninth album, High January, is out now via Tin Angel Records. Get it here.





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