Diggin’ This: Steve Spacek – “Carnival Nights” (Eglo Records)


The perfect combination of spaceship soul, digital doo-wop, bleepy blip-hop, astral bruk business, and satellite scat.


Image via stevespacek.bandcamp.com



It’s hard to pick just one, but the infectious yet delicate post-broken beat rhythm of “Carnival Nights” is my favorite track from Steve Spacek‘s new album, Natural Sci-Fi, for all of the reasons listed above.



Track of the day.



Steve Spacek – “Carnival Nights”





Natural Sci-Fi is out now via Eglo Records. Get it here.





Natural Sci-Fi also features Oddisee who previously guested on the #DanDigsShow. Listen to him talk through his six favorite songs here and listen to more from Steve Spacek as previously featured on DanDigs.com—including his musical partnership with his brother dBridge under his Velvit alias, in addition to his output for Ninja Tune as Beat Spacek—here.