Diggin’ This: Sea Moya – “New Past” (Majestic Casual Records)


“I will meet you there
And I will bring my danceshoes and we’ll dance where
The light will cut the air…”


Image via seamoya.bandcamp.com



Montreal-via-Germany digital indie-funk outfit Sea Moya wrote and recorded “New Past” in a mountain hut in the Italian Alps and you can all but taste the fresh, rarified air as you listen. Breezy, undistracted, and effortless.



(Extra points for recording the cassette “play” and “stop” buttons punching in and out and the very start and very end of this track.)



Track of the day.



Sea Moya – “New Past”





“New Past” is taken from Sea Moya‘s brand new album, Falmenta, out now via the truly majestic Majestic Casual Records. Get it here.





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