Diggin’ This: Hopetoun Brown – “Let’s Not Be Friends”


Named after Hopetoun St in the Auckland neighborhood of Ponsonby where they grew up (the very same neighborhood where I hosted my very first leftfield beats and electronic soul radio show on very Saturday mornings on George FM many, many moons ago), Hopetoun Brown is New Zealand brass-soul-pop duo Tim Stewart and Nick Atkinson.


Hopetoun Brown with Finn Scholes // Image via facebook.com/hopetounbrown



“Let’s Not Be Friends” caught my attention right away with that lo-fi answering machine intro, those jovial horns, that cheeky synth line that zigs when the bass zags, and that Beck-ish lingering chorus that’s catchier than an extremely large fishing net.



Track of the day.



Hopetoun Brown – “Let’s Not Be Friends”







Hopetoun Brown‘s new album, Don’t Let Them Lock You Up, is out now. Find out more about Tim and Nick here and hear more of my favorite music from New Zealand here.