Shape Up DJ Mix by Dan Digs for Dublab’s Proton Drive


It was great fun to put this mix together for one of the universe’s greatest radio stations: Dublab!


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Donate to Dublab today and get my Elite Cardiophonics DJ mix, a 60-minute blend of jazzed-up house and housed-up jazz for the discerning modern athlete.




Music to sports to from Greymatter, Prequel, Max Graef & Glenn Astro, Osunlade, EVM128, Aroop Roy, Dauwd, Com Truise, and Hanna!




This DJ mix is one of many fine mixes in Dublab’s new Shape Up: Mixes To Work Out To series, a gift for supporters of the station’s latest Proton Drive fundraiser. Shape Up also features DJ sets from Tommy Denys, Tears Of Joy Records, Tahl K, Santiago Salazar, Pelts, Nina Tarr, Lee Robinson, Josh da Costa, Induce, Frosty (Mark McNeill), Sun An, Daniel T, Cromie, and Chris Kissel.





Everybody dance now.