Diggin’ This: Dokta Venom – “I Owe U Something” (Far Out Recordings)


Son of Incognito’s Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, Daniel Maunick aka Dokta Venom is the in-house producer for the venerable Far Out Recordings.


Image via twitter.com/doktavenom



Having worked on music for Azymuth, Sabrina Malheiros, and Marcos Valle, his latest sonic output sees the London producer diving headfirst into the club. My favorite track from his new Mood Swings EP, “I Owe U Something,” combines soaring filter sweeps, Mantronix sirens, and soulful vocal snippets, all deftly laid over crunchy drum fills.



Track of the day.



Dokta Venom – “I Owe U Something”






Dokta Venom‘s new EP, Mood Swings, out now via Far Out Recordings. Get it here.